Toddler Not Sleeping Through the Night? 9 Areas to Render a Solution

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Regardless of age, the quantity and quality of a child’s sleep is very important for growth, healing, immunity and daily regeneration. Proper sleep should always be taken seriously, says Nutritionist, and Author of “I Want Healthy Kids” Alia Almoayed. Your toddler not sleeping through the night can become hyperactive, moody, have temper tantrums and even aggression.

Some possible causes for disrupted sleep can be

1. A poor diet.

2. Illness or side effects of medication.

3. Room temperature, lighting, or noise.

4. Bad dream / nightmares.

5. Bad habits (sleeping in parents’ bed, waking up at night for food or drink).

6. Bathroom visits.

7. Stress, anxiety or emotional issues.

8. Blood sugar imbalance

Here are 9 areas to render a solution.

1. If your child is napping during the day, shorten his nap or remove it all together. This can be put into motion by the age of two and half or three years. At this age, your baby needs 11 hours of consistent sleep nightly.

2. Ensure your child gets at least 30 minutes of activity / exercise per day. Not close to bedtime but during the afternoon.

3. Avoid TV, scary stories and any other stimuli before going to bed

4. Avoid bringing your child to your bed to sleep. If he wakes up at night and comes to your room it is highlyadvised that you walk him back to his room, quietly and gently. Do not talk or have eye contact.

5. Use a night light in his room. Avoid a bedside lamp or strong lighting in his room as this can disrupt his Circadian Rhythm. If he gets up to use the bathroom at night there should only be minimal light for him to be safe walking to the bathroom.

6. Let your child wake up with natural light from the window as opposed to an alarm clock. Natural light stabilises sleep rhythms and will put him in a better mood when he wakes up.

7. Keep your child’s bedroom at a comfortable temperature. Generally, 23-24 degrees Celsius is comfortable for sleeping.

8. Avoid television or game consoles in your child’s room.

9. Keep a regular sleep routine. Choose a regular time for him to go to bed. Just before that time, wind him down with a cuddle, story or a baby massage. Take him up to bed at the same time every night, sing a soft song or story and say goodnight. A sleep routine must be consistent, and done by any member of the household that puts your child to bed.

Ensuring the correct quantity and quality of sleep ensures your child’s wellbeing. Take this area of his growth seriously and put a stop to your toddler not sleeping through the night, by putting the above 9 areas into action immediately.

Source by M Jayne


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